Value Engineering

Optimising project value by using our technical installation expertise to control risks, budget and schedule. 

Consultancy Structural Engineering &
Installation Engineering
& Operational Support

ARC: technical and commercial integrated solutions for offshore renewable industry

ARC is an independent and hands-on engineering firm offering technical and commercially integrated solutions to the offshore renewable industry. We are engaged by Contractors, Utilities, Lenders, Project Developers and Underwriters to assist with the most challenging offshore renewable projects. Our area of expertise is combining design-, engineering-, construction- and consultancy services with hands-on installation ingenuity. We connect innovative solutions with high quality engineering in order to support our customers with the best possible solutions; we call that "Value Engineering". In that way, ARC assists clients in developing sustainable energy projects at the lowest costs, within the schedule and with acceptable risks.   

Six reasons to choose ARC
  • Practical understanding of the offshore renewable industry
  • Combining installation ingenuity with hands-on expertise in design, engineering and strategic advice
  • Flexible and personal
  • Effective long term support in every step of the project’s lifecycle
  • Knowledge of Dutch and Belgium Contractor/Industry
  • Expertise in our field and knowledge based network


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