Value Engineering

An assessment is never about seeing what nobody every saw, it’s about thinking what nobody thought of before while seeing what we all see. Execution is a specific set of behaviors and techniques that companies need to master in order to have competaitive advantage. It’s a discipline of its own.

ARC: technical and commercial integrated solutions for offshore renewable industry

ARC is an independent and hands-on engineering firm offering technical and commercially integrated solutions to the offshore renewable industry. We are engaged by Contractors, Utilities, Lenders, Project Developers and Underwriters to assist with the most challenging offshore renewable projects. Our area of expertise is combining design-, engineering-, construction- and consultancy services with hands-on installation ingenuity. We connect innovative solutions with high quality engineering in order to support our customers with the best possible solutions; we call that “Value Engineering”. In that way, ARC assists clients in developing sustainable energy projects at the lowest costs, within the schedule and with acceptable risks.

Six reasons to choose ARC


As a privately-owned engineering company, we don’t have a link to any contractor, owner or bank. Because we don’t own assets, we give honest and reliable engineering advise. Our independent engineering advise is our trade mark as from the start (>5 years) and it’s becoming more unique in the consolidating offshore market.

Understanding offshore wind market

Over 6 years practical understanding of the offshore wind market while working for various contractors, owners and consortia.

Our track record

Successful track record in solving engineering and operational challenges.

Hands-on installation ingenuity

We differ ourselves as an engineering company with our hands-on installation ingenuity: our engineers have offshore experience and have practical understanding of the offshore industry. Combining this hands-on installation ingenuity with our experience in design and engineering, we are able to support our clients with practical, cost-efficient engineering solutions from FEED until decommissioning phase.


ARC stands for a personal, flexible and quick approach whereby build long-term partnership: cooperation not only lead to better results, it contributes to a sustainable future.

Our network

Beside our own staff, we work with an extensive network of knowledgeable, independents specialists.

On all the projects that we worked on over the years we met QHSE specialists, Client Reps, Project Managers, etc.


Our Team

How can we help?

Noordsingel 117, 3035 EM Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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