Project description:


N-Sea is an integrated subsea service provider in Survey and IRM. For various projects during summer 2021 OI provided support with Geographic Information Systems during survey operations for windfarm, cable, pipeline inspection and UXO identification and remediation.


OI’s scope of work:

OI was requested to provide GIS coordination services during among others Seagreen OWF, Dogger Bank OWF, KBH02 cable, Shetland HVDC cable link, IUK pipeline geophysical and UXO surveys, and more specifically:

• GIS deliverables according to SSDM standards, including magnetometer, MBES, SSS geophysical data and rasters;
•    Geoid models during project preparations;
•    Production of images for Target Investigation Reports;
•    Generation of Geotiffs for targets;
•    Metadata generation;


•    Etc.