East Anglia One - Technical Tender Evaluation Support

Project description:

DeepOcean was awarded the cable installation and trenching work for the East Anglia ONE windfarm in the North Sea. The transition of the export cable to land shall be accomplished through the use of HDD methodology with an estimated length over 800 m in order to minimize disturbance within the intertidal zone and near shore area. The cable OD ranges from 262 to 273mm. DeepOcean has received 4 HDD work proposals from HDD contractors.


ARC’s scope of work:

DeepOcean has requested ARC to conduct a technical evaluation of the 4 proposals with a focus on the following aspects:

Technical proposal / method statement (feasibility, equipment proposed, schedule/durations pro’s/con’s, track record for similar work etc.);
Any deviations/exclusions/pitfalls/restrictions etc.;
Commercial proposal;
Summary of risks associated with each proposal.