VBMS - Plough Beach Skid Structural Design

Project description:

For a beaching operation the HD3 Plough of VBMS is pulled backwards towards the beach. To support the plough, a beach skid needed to be designed and fabricated. The beach skid exists of the following main specifications:

  • Main dimensions: approximately 10m Length x 1.9m Width.
  • Weight approximately: 3.5 tons.
  • 1 towing point with a SWL of 90 tons.
  • 2 shafts to connect with the plough share.
  • Hydraulic system to retract the 2 shafts.


Our sister company, Offshore Independents, performed the structural engineering support:

  • A conceptual design of the skid was supplied to Offshore Independents which formed the basis of the analysis.
  • The skid design was analysed in ANSYS and further refined into a detailed design.
  • According to AISC ASD 9th Edition and ISO EN 10025 regulations.